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Aligning heart and mind to achieve true success

Inspirational Checklist - Confidence, Determination, Patience, Preparation, Flexibility

Inspiration is the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. Although we can picture in our mind a dream that we want to achieve or an outcome that we aspire to, it is in our heart that we feel truly inspired. Inspiration allows us to imagine for a moment that the dream is real. It lifts our energy and inspires hope.   

Finding inspiration, building motivation and stretching your imagination are fundamental steps in manifesting dreams. Practising this step will increase the consistency and speed with which you manifest. But how do we do this?

Once you have set a goal you want to achieve, you need to set it in stone. Make it unshakeable. Align your heart and mind. Inspire and motivate yourself to follow through, surround yourself with anything (everything!) that will keep you on track.

A great place to start is seeking out other people that have achieved the things you want to achieve or are living the life you have imagined for yourself. Watch what they do. If they are in the public arena follow them on their social platforms, read their books and even ask them to mentor you!

If your goals are less material, soak up some sun, find the time to walk amongst the trees and really, truly, stop to smell the roses. Hold your visualisations in your mind while you do this, and feel them, really feel them. Sink into that feeling of having already achieved your goals, allow yourself to believe it. Do this daily and, before you know it, any thoughts or actions that do not align with your goals will fade away.